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   8年香雕紹興酒 Xiangdiao Shaoxing Medium Sweet (8 Years)

   陳年彩壇花雕   Caitan Huadiao Medium Sweet

   5年香雕紹興酒 Xiangdiao Shaoxing(5 Years) Medium Sweet

   紹興花雕10  Shaoxing Huadiao(10 Years) Medium Sweet

   紹興花雕20  Shaoxing Huadiao (20 Years) Medium Sweet

   紹興花雕及清酒 Shaoxing Huadiao and Sake Medium Sweet

   三十年花雕  Huadiao Shaoxing (30 Years) Medium Sweet

   紹興加飯 Shaoxing Jiafan Medium Dry

   女兒紅12 Nu'er Hong (12 Years)

   女兒紅18 Nu'er Hong (18 Years)

   古越龍山 Guyue Longshan

   青瓷五年 Qingci Huadiao(5 Years) Medium Sweet

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