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   八寶海茸羹  Seaweed Soup of Eight Delicacies

   煲參翅肚羹 Abalone and Shark’s Fin with Fish Maw Soup

   鳳凰玉米羹  Sweet Corn Soup with Egg

   桂花雪魚羮  Codfish Soup with Osmanthus Sauce

   雞茸粟米羮  Minced Chicken and Corn Soup

   九王瑤柱羹     Scallop Soup

   濃湯魚肚羮  Fish Maw Soup

   太極素菜羹  Thick Vegetable Soup

   西湖牛肉豆腐羹 Minced Beef and Tofu Soup

   蟹肉粟米羹  Sweet Corn Soup with Crab Meat

   雪蛤海皇羹  Snow Clam and Scallop Soup

   魚肚粟米羹  Fish Maw in Sweet Corn Soup

   竹笙海皇羹  Bamboo Fungus and Seafood Soup

   酸辣魷魚羹  Hot and Sour Squid Soup

   臺灣肉羹 Shredded Pork and Squid Soup, Taiwan Style

   乾貝芥菜雞鍋   Chicken Soup with Scallops and Chinese Broccoli

   海鮮盅   Seafood Bowl with Assorted Ingredients

   蟹肉燴竹笙  Crab Meat in Bamboo Fungus Soup

   濃汁三鮮 Three Delicacies Soup

   貝松魚肚羹  Minced Scallop with Fish Maw Soup

   濃汁木瓜魚肚   Fish Maw and Diced Papaya Soup

   靈芝金銀鴨血羹 Duck Blood, Mushrooms and Tofu Soup

   蓮子鴨羹 Duck and Louts Seed Soup

   龍鳳羹   Minced Chicken with Fish Soup

   蟹肉豆腐羹  Tofu and Crab Meat Soup





   蟲草鴨塊湯  Duck with Aweto Soup

   大蔥土豆湯  Potato and Leek Soup

   冬瑤花膠燉石蛙 Stewed Frog with Scallop and Fish Maw in Soup

   豆苗枸杞竹筍湯 Pea Sprouts and Bamboo Shoot Soup with Chinese Wolfberry

   番茄蛋花湯  Tomato and Egg Soup

   鳳尾蝦絲湯  Phoenix-Tailed Prawns and Seaweed Soup

   極品山珍湯  Wild Mushroom Soup

   家常蛋湯 Egg Soup

   老火燉湯/每日例湯 Soup of the Day

   龍蝦濃湯 Lobster Soup

   綠色野菌湯  Mushroom Soup

   蘿蔔煲排骨湯   Pork Ribs and Turnip Soup

   蘿蔔絲鯽魚  Crucian Carp Soup with Shredded Turnips 

   美味多菌湯  Chef’s Special Mushroom Soup

   濃湯魚片湯  Fish Filets Soup

   山菌時蔬缽  Consommé of Mushrooms and Vegetables

   山珍菌皇湯  Fungus and Mushroom Soup

   上海酸辣湯  Hot and Sour Soup, Shanghai Style

   蔬菜海鮮湯  Seafood and Vegetable Soup

   酸辣海參烏魚蛋湯  Hot and Sour Cuttlefish Roe Soup with Sea Cucumber

   酸辣湯   Hot and Sour Soup 

   酸辣烏魚蛋湯   Hot and Sour Cuttlefish Roe Soup

   烏魚蛋湯 Cuttlefish Roe Soup

   酸菜肚絲湯  Pickled Cabbage and Pork Tripe Soup

   鮮菌魚頭湯  Fish Head Soup with Fresh Mushrooms

   香茜魚片湯  Fish Filet and Coriander Soup

   雪菜大湯黃魚   Stewed Yellow Croaker with Bamboo Shoots and Potherb Mustard

   亞式濃香雞湯   Rich Asian Chicken Broth(with Shitake and Enoki Mushrooms and Chinese Wolfberry)

   玉米雞濃湯  Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup

   豆腐菜湯 Tofu with Vegetable Soup

   素菜湯   Vegetable Soup

   本樓湯   House Special Soup

   海鮮酸辣湯  Hot and Sour Seafood Soup

   油豆腐粉絲湯   Tofu Puff with Vermicelli Soup

   榨菜肉絲湯  Shredded Pork with Pickled Vegetable Soup

   芋頭排骨湯  Spare Ribs with Taro Soup

   枸杞燉蛤 Clam Soup Simmered with Chinese Wolfberry

   菠蘿涼瓜燉雞湯 Chicken Soup Simmered with Bitter Melon and Pineapple

   鹽菜肚片湯  Pork Tripe Slices and Pickled Vegetable Soup

   鹹冬瓜蛤蠣湯   Clam Soup with White Gourd

   清湯四寶 Four Delicacies Soup

   清湯三鮮 Three Delicacies Soup

   醋椒三片湯  Three Delicacies Soup with Vinegar and Pepper

   龍鳳湯   Chicken and Crusian Carp Soup

   茄汁鴨塊湯  Duck Soup with Tomato Sauce

   燴鴨舌烏魚蛋湯 Duck Tongue and Cuttlefish Roe Soup

   鴨茸奶油蘑菇湯 Minced Duck Meat Soup with Mushrooms and Butter

   白菜豆腐湯  Chinese Cabbage and Tofu Soup

   竹蓀燉菜湯  Bamboo Fungus Soup

   黑豆煲魚頭湯   Fish Head Soup with Black Beans

   粟米魚羹 Corn and Fish Soup

   菜花蝦羹 Shrimp and Broccoli Soup

   老酒菌湯 Mushroom and Aged Rice Wine Soup

   清湯鴨四寶  Soup of Four–Delicacies of Duck

   蟹黃魚翅羹  Stewed Shark’s Fin with Crab Roe

   玉帶蘆筍湯  Scallop and Asparagus Soup

   竹蓀銀耳湯  Bamboo Fungus and White Fungus Soup

   清湯鴨舌羊肚菌 Duck Tongue and Morel Soup

   乾貝銀絲羹  Dried Scallop and Tofu Soup

   蟹黃珍珠羹  Crab Roe and Crab Meat Balls Soup

   苦瓜蛋清羹  Bitter Melon and Egg White Soup

   羅宋湯/蘇伯湯  Russian Soup

   鴨架湯   Roast Duck Bone Soup

   紫菜蛋花湯  Seaweed and Egg Soup

   西紅柿雞蛋湯   Tomato and Egg Soup

   豆腐海帶湯  Tofu and Kelp Soup

   紅湯圓子 Pork Meatballs in Tomato Soup


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