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   白菜心拌蜇頭   Marinated Jellyfish and Chinese Cabbage in Vinaigrette

   白靈菇扣鴨掌   Mushrooms with Duck Feet

   拌豆腐絲 Shredded Tofu with Sauce

   白切雞   Boiled Chicken with Sauce

   拌雙耳   Tossed Black and White Fungus

   冰梅涼瓜 Bitter Melon in Plum Sauce

   冰鎮芥蘭 Chinese Broccoli with Wasabi

   朝鮮辣白菜  Korean Cabbage in Chili Sauce

   朝鮮泡菜 Kimchi

   陳皮兔肉 Rabbit Meat with Tangerine Flavor

   川北涼粉 Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce

   刺身涼瓜 Bitter Melon with Wasabi

   豆豉多春魚  Shisamo in Black Bean Sauce

   夫妻肺片 Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce

   幹拌牛舌 Ox Tongue in Chili Sauce

   幹拌順風 Pig Ear in Chili Sauce

   怪味牛腱 Spiced Beef Shank

   紅心鴨卷 Sliced Duck Rolls with Egg Yolk

   薑汁皮蛋 Preserved Eggs in Ginger Sauce

   醬香豬蹄 Pig Feet Seasoned with Soy Sauce

   醬肘花   Sliced Pork in Soy Sauce

   金豆芥蘭 Chinese Broccoli with Soy Beans

   韭黃螺片 Sliced Sea Whelks with Hotbed Chives

   老北京豆醬  Traditional Beijing Bean Paste

   老醋泡花生  Peanuts Pickled in Aged Vinegar

   涼拌金針菇  Golden Mushrooms and Mixed Vegetables

   涼拌西芹雲耳   Celery with White Fungus

   鹵水大腸 Marinated Pork Intestines

   鹵水豆腐 Marinated Tofu

   鹵水鵝頭 Marinated Goose Heads

   鹵水鵝翼 Marinated Goose Wings

   鹵水鵝掌 Marinated Goose Feet

   鹵水鵝胗 Marinated Goose Gizzard

   鹵水雞蛋 Marinated Eggs

   鹵水金錢肚  Marinated Pork Tripe

   鹵水牛腱 Marinated Beef Shank

   鹵水牛舌 Marinated Ox Tongue

   鹵水拼盤 Marinated Meat Combination

   鹵水鴨肉 Marinated Duck Meat

   蘿蔔幹毛豆  Dried Radish with Green Soybean

   麻辣肚絲 Shredded Pig Tripe in Chili Sauce

   美味牛筋 Beef Tendon

   蜜汁叉燒 Honey-Stewed BBQ Pork

   明爐燒鴨 Roast Duck

   泡菜什錦 Assorted Pickles

   泡椒鳳爪 Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers

   皮蛋豆腐 Tofu with Preserved Eggs

   乳豬拼盤 Roast Suckling Pig

   珊瑚筍尖 Sweet and Sour Bamboo Shoots

   爽口西芹 Crispy Celery

   四寶烤麩 Marinated Bran Dough with Peanuts and Black Fungus

   松仁香菇 Black Mushrooms with Pine Nuts

   蒜茸海帶絲  Sliced Kelp in Garlic Sauce

   跳水木耳 Black Fungus with Pickled Capsicum

   拌海螺   Whelks and Cucumber

   五彩醬鵝肝  Goose Liver with White Gourd

   五香牛肉 Spicy Roast Beef

   五香熏幹 Spicy Smoked Dried Tofu

   五香熏魚 Spicy Smoked Fish               

   五香雲豆 Spicy Kidney Beans

   醃三文魚 Marinated Salmon

   鹽焗雞   Baked Chicken in Salt

   鹽水蝦肉 Poached Salted Shrimps Without Shell

   糟香鵝掌 Braised Goose Feet in Rice Wine Sauce

   釀黃瓜條 Pickled Cucumber Strips

   米醋海蜇 Jellyfish in Vinegar

   鹵豬舌   Marinated Pig Tongue

   三色中卷 Squid Rolls Stuffed with Bean, Ham and Egg Yolk

   蛋衣河鰻 Egg Rolls Stuffed with Eel

   鹽水鵝肉 Goose Slices in Salted Spicy Sauce

   冰心苦瓜 Bitter Melon Salad

   五味九孔 Fresh Abalone in Spicy Sauce

   明蝦荔枝沙拉   Shrimps and Litchi Salad

   五味牛腱 Spicy Beef Shank

   拌八爪魚 Spicy Cuttlefish

   雞腳凍   Chicken Feet Galantine

   香蔥酥魚 Crispy Crucian Carp in Scallion Oil

   蒜汁鵝胗 Goose Gizzard in Garlic Sauce

   黃花素雞 Vegetarian Chicken with Day Lily

   薑汁鮮魷 Fresh Squid in Ginger Sauce

   桂花糯米藕  Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Sweet Sticky Rice

   鹵鴨冷切 Spicy Marinated Duck

   松田青豆 Songtian Green Beans

   色拉九孔 Abalone Salad

   涼拌花螺    Cold Sea Whelks with Dressing

   素鴨  Vegetarian Duck

   醬鴨  Duck Seasoned with Soy Sauce

   麻辣牛筋 Spicy Beef Tendon

   醉雞  Liquor-Soaked Chicken

   可樂芸豆 French Beans in Coca-Cola

   桂花山藥 Chinese Yam with Osmanthus Sauce

   豆豉鯽魚 Crucian Carp with Black Bean Sauce

   水晶魚凍 Fish Aspic

   醬板鴨   Spicy Salted Duck

   燒椒皮蛋 Preserved Eggs with Chili

   酸辣瓜條 Cucumber with Hot and Sour Sauce

   五香大排 Spicy Pork Ribs

   三絲木耳 Black Fungus with Cucumber and Vermicelle

   酸辣蕨根粉  Hot and Sour Fern Root Noodles

   小黃瓜蘸醬  Small Cucumber with Soybean Paste

   拌苦菜   Mixed Bitter Vegetables

   蕨根粉拌蟄頭   Fern Root Noodles with Jellyfish

   老醋黑木耳  Black Fungus in Vinegar

   清香苦菊 Chrysanthemum with Sauce

   琥珀核桃 Honeyed Walnuts

   杭州鳳鵝 Pickled Goose, Hangzhou Style

   香吃茶樹菇  Spicy Tea Tree Mushrooms

   琥珀花生 Honeyed Peanuts

   蔥油鵝肝 Goose Liver with Scallion and Chili Oil

   拌爽口海苔  Sea Moss with Sauce

   巧拌海茸 Mixed Seaweed

   蛋黃涼瓜 Bitter Melon with Egg Yolk

   龍眼風味腸  Sausage Stuffed with Salty Egg

   水晶蘿蔔 Sliced Turnip with Sauce

   臘八蒜茼蒿  Crown Daisy with Sweet Garlic

   香辣手撕茄子   Eggplant with Chili Oil

   酥鯽魚   Crispy Crucian Carp

   水晶鴨舌 Duck Tongue Aspic

   鹵水鴨舌 Marinated Duck Tongue

   香椿鴨胗 Duck Gizzard with Chinese Toon

   鹵水鴨膀 Marinated Duck Wings

   香糟鴨卷 Duck Rolls Marinated in Rice Wine

   鹽水鴨肝 Duck Liver in Salted Spicy Sauce

   水晶鵝肝 Goose Liver Aspic

   豉油乳鴿皇  Braised Pigeon with Black Bean Sauce

   酥海帶   Crispy Seaweed

   脆蝦白菜心  Chinese Cabbage with Fried Shrimps

   香椿豆腐 Tofu with Chinese Toon

   拌香椿苗 Chinese Toon with Sauce

   糖醋白菜墩  Sweet and Sour Chinese Cabbage

   姜汁蟄皮 Jellyfish in Ginger Sauce

   韭菜鮮桃仁  Fresh Walnuts with Leek

   花生太湖銀魚   Taihu Silver Fish with Peanuts

   生醃百合南瓜   Marinated Lily Bulbs and Pumpkin

   醬鴨翅   Duck Wings Seasoned with Soy Sauce

   蘿蔔苗   Turnip Sprouts

   八寶菠菜 Spinach with Eight Delicacies

   竹筍青豆 Bamboo Shoots and Green Beans

   涼拌苦瓜 Bitter Melon in Sauce

   芥末木耳 Black Fungus with Mustard Sauce

   炸花生米 Fried Peanuts

   小魚花生 Fried Silver Fish with Peanuts

   德州扒雞 Braised Chicken, Dezhou Style

   清蒸火腿雞片   Steamed Sliced Chicken with Ham

   熏馬哈魚 Smoked Salmon

   家常皮凍 Pork Skin Aspic

   大拉皮   Tossed Mung Clear Noodles in Sauce

   蒜泥白肉 Pork with Garlic Sauce

   魚露白肉 Boiled Pork in Anchovy Sauce

   醬豬肘   Pork Hock Seasoned with Soy Sauce

   醬牛肉   Beef Seasoned with Soy Sauce

   紅油牛筋 Beef Tendon in Chili Sauce

   鹵牛腩   Marinated Beef Brisket in Spiced Sauce

   泡椒鴨絲 Shredded Duck with Pickled Peppers

   拌茄泥   Mashed Eggplant with Garlic

   糖拌西紅柿  Tomato Slices with Sugar

   糖蒜  Sweet Garlic

   醃雪裏蕻 Pickled Potherb Mustard

      涼拌黃瓜  Cucumber in Sauce

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